TVF's Aspirants | Episode 4 | Plan B Kya Hai?

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UPSC is one of the toughest exams in the world with a success rate of less than 1%. As an Aspirant, you can’t ignore the fact that you might not crack it. Abhilash realizes this after talking to SK and Guri, they tell him everyone needs a Plan B. On the other hand, he is also being pressured by his company to end his sabbatical and join again. What will Abhilash do now? What will be his Plan B?

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This examination season, we bring you the story of three friends who reunite to tell us all about UPSC: Pre... Mains... Aur Life.

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Unacademy \u0026 The Viral Fever presents ASPIRANTS - A TVF Original Series.

Created by: Arunabh Kumar \u0026 Shreyansh Pandey
Directed by: Apoorv Singh Karki
Written by: Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish
Produced by: Arunabh Kumar
Executive Producers: Vijay Koshy, Shreyansh Pandey, Arun Kumar
Supervising Producers: Haider Ali, Joshna Bhat
Associate Director: Himali Shah
D.O.P: Georgy John, Arjun Kukreti
Editor: Tushar Manocha
Music: Rohit Sharma
Background Score: Tusshar Mallek
Head of Post Production: Gaurav Rungta
Production Designer: Beeva Mahajan
Costume Stylist: Yashika Kakkar
Casting: Ashish Khare, Shiv Chouhan
Sound Design: Pranit Purao
Special Mention: Nilotpal Bora for Dhaaga

Music at the Bar: Love U More By Riley \u0026 TOMOS
Publishers: Soundcast Music

UPSC fact #91: Satyendra worked as a clerk in the excise department, his marriage was arranged with Aarti. But Aarti ran away a night before their wedding because she found out that she had cleared the PCS exam. Satyendra who was initially heartbroken worked really hard and became an IAS officer. Eventually, Aarti came back into his life and they got married.
PS: It’s a True Story.
-Description Guy.

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    Shale sb k sb pikad ,luv stories, marriage, masti ,gf,bf sb h bs pdhai nam ki chij nhi h .sb k sb mauka ka talas krte nazar aaye h .

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    You don't need Plan B if you have Rich Parents 😎

  13. Yash Pandey

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  14. Zainab Sheikh

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    47:37 I will never forget this scene. This expression. I cried. This is beyond beautiful. ♥️

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    Don't know why I am watching episode 4 everytime, best episode of aspirants which have love, fight, success and emotions❤👊✌🥲

  24. Ravi pandey

    Ravi pandey23 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Students life is very difficult life it is full of anxiety, depression but still with lot of dreams but reality is that after achieving ur goal u can't live a life as a cricketer, Hero, politician live...evey cricketer,hero, politician must watch this series to understand a reality of hard work.

  25. Nandini Gupta

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    This is based on a real story of every middle class aspirants who preparing for the UPSC 😑😑😑😑

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    The lyrics coordinated so well when dhairya saw abhilash after results it went like "tuta jo mai tune aakr joda tere haatho se mai bana tha" 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  28. Dark Knight

    Dark Knightਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    If you are planning not to give up then why the heck plan B for ? The person with plan B don't give his fullest. Plan B for me is something to change my existing strategy to achieve same thing! If you are like Sandeep bhaiya if don't have attempts left of upsc then you have to make choice of doing next best thing that requires given set of information and practice you have done and area you have strengthened into, so you could use that strength into what you have selected. Not to completely dislocate yourself from where your hardwork is of no use.

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    18:25 I call it below middle class😥 I couldn't do my CA coaching exactly for the same reason... But struggle made me a good teacher serving my locals if not global... Something is better than everything!

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